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The Books Came In!!!

Back in April I learned that the awesome author Jill Williamson was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her Blood of Kings trilogy, and in honor of that she organized a Kickstarter campaign to help bring all the books into the audiobook format. You may remember me posting about it. I was excited.

I had the books on my TBR list for a while, but hadn’t gotten my hands on them yet. What pushed me to take immediate action was the 10th anniversary limited edition hardcover set of the series as one of the reward levels for backing the project. I saw them and nearly swooned, they were so beautiful. I hesitated, because I hadn’t read any of them yet and didn’t know if I would like them (I’m a cautious buyer). So I broke down and got the ebook version of the first volume and read it on my tiny phone.

I loved it.

I backed the project. (Not JUST to get the books . . . but mostly, I’ll be honest. And I’m stoked that so many readers who love the story came together to go above and beyond the original goal.)

After weeks and weeks of waiting, they finally came in!

Are they not absolutely gorgeous? Is it not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?
This made me smile, that it came in a recycled box. This is a woman after my own heart.

I also received a whole bunch of other awesome things, including a pin, bookmarks, and a MAP. I love maps. I should look around to see if I can find someone to do one for my own books . . .

Treasures, mwahahaha!

I may have been a little weird, peeking inside and smelling the brand-newness of them. I don’t recall exactly the last time I’ve ever gotten a fresh, never before opened book. I mean, the binding is so stiff that I was afraid to crack them open! That fear has of course been dispelled, though. I’m already into the second book and am loving it, going back to beloved characters. It almost feels like a re-read – and I haven’t even finished the story!

Doesn’t it look fantastic? Positively spiffy, up there on the shelf? Sandwiched between other splendiferous books? Practically magic.
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