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A Stack of Books: Part 5

Hey, all! I know it’s only been a couple of weeks since my last reading list update, but I’ve managed to fit in quite a few over the last month so far! Which is crazy, considering how busy July has been over here. This is all largely thanks to audiobooks, which I can listen to while I work. The Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore has been my companion through many batches of jam and farmers market baking days. Right now I’m down to two books left, and I don’t know what I’m going to do afterwards! I’ll probably just have to scroll through what else the library has to offer . . .

But I’ve also managed two decent sized novels, and that’s because I’ve taken to reading a chapter or two or five before going to bed. The intelligence of such a venture may be questionable, but then, I was never praised for my intelligence. Creativity craves fuel, and so I must feed the monster!

What are all of you reading this summer?

The Rise of Nine ─ This one was fun, turning up the heat a little bit and giving us a taste of what’s the come. I enjoyed the addition of Nine to the party, and his brash character is a riot to listen to.

Air Awakens ─ For those of you who question or doubt if a cover is truly that important, let me tell you that the primary reason I purchased this book and its three sequels was because the cover art was so beautiful. It was also self-published, and I have decided I wanted to try reading more indie books, so that was another reason. Overall I enjoyed it very much (although my favorite characters didn’t show up until the last couple of chapters, as it turns out!) I do feel it would benefit from further editing, and I sense a strong influence from a certain popular TV show, but the story held me. It made me tolerate the romance (which so far is low-key, thankfully). It kept me up half the night, compelled to finish the last hundred pages in one fell swoop, with a borderline eagerness to see what happens next.

The Fall of Five ─ We’ve reached the halfway point in the series. Things are happening. And even thought I saw that one thing coming, it still hurt. So much.

The Revenge of Seven ─ I am on a roll with this series. Who knew that summer + kitchen + audiobooks = awesome? Now I don’t have to worry about anyone catching me singing . . . just randomly exclaiming my abject shock and surprise. This installment was a rush! With kidnappings, rogue aliens, unexpected alliances, and rhinos falling from the sky, there could hardly be room for a dull moment. This story is unfolding in ways I never anticipated.

To Darkness Fled ─ This was an exciting continuation of the Blood of Kings trilogy, and once I cracked open that brand-spankin’ new binding and began to read, it truly did feel like going back to a familiar and beloved story, with characters I’ve grown to love. This one deals a lot with Achan’s definition of love, his purpose, and decision to sacrifice his desires to fulfill that purpose. I found his arc similar to David, actually, when I thought about it. Because even though Achan wants to do what is right and follow Arman and is chosen as king, he is still human and fails sometimes. In regards to Vrell . . . I found it ironic that  she wants Achan to sacrifice and love Arman first and serve him completely, but at the same time adamantly refuses to do the same and insists on doing things her own way. I think that’s a stigma we all bear from time to time, honestly.

On a separate note, I was absolutely thrilled that we finally got to meet a cham! I’ve been wanting to see a fire breathing bear since I first heard of it. Unfortunately, Achan didn’t make friends. That was a bummer, but we can’t have everything, right? The pacing, prose, and development of the plot were all great and engaging ─ so much so that I finished this beast in less than a week!

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