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A Literary Dinner Party

Have you ever been to a dinner party? I’ll be honest, I’d be hard pressed to say if I ever have – little too ritzy a thing for me! At least it seems that way. They sound so high class, don’t they?

But we’re going to host one anyway! And with guests from books, no less. Can you imagine the possibilities already? Wait til you hear who we’re inviting . . .

On the guest list we need 11 characters in 10 categories:

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
2. One character who has money to fund the party
3. One character who might cause a scene
4. One character who is funny/amusing
5. One character who is super social/popular
6. One villian
7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic
8. One hero/heroine
9. One underappreciated character
10. One character of your own choosing

‘But wait!’ You say. ‘There are only ten! You said eleven!’

Excellent eyeballs. I commend you. This confused me, too, until I remembered #7, which is a couple, naturally invoking two persons (although in some instances that might still be one. I mean, we are talking fiction . . .)

Now then, who are we inviting to this most potentially precarious, inevitably interesting party of dinners?

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook

So many options! But the very first person who comes to mind is Nia Igiby, from The Wingfeather Saga. I’ve a feeling her food would entice even the most difficult of dinner guests. Who can argue with cheesy chowder or, if you’re of the disposition, maggot meatloaf? Yum . . .?

2. One character who has the money to fund the party

Well, since someone else already picked Gansey from The Raven Boys, I’ll invite Errance from Moonscript. Elf princes with kingdoms to inherit can afford a humble dinner party, right? Doubt he’d have anything to do with it, though. Probably wouldn’t even come. Maybe I should ask Tellie to get him involved. Maybe The Daisha? Maybe I’ll get the whole crew in on it, and then hell have to participate . . .

3. One character who might cause a scene

Bakugo, from My Hero Academia. And there’s no ‘might’ cause a scene. There will definitely be a scene. And probably explosions.

Most certainly explosions.

4. One character who is funny/amusing

You know what? I’m inviting Lopen from The Way of Kings. He’d be the life of the party, and I’m pretty sure we could end up using the favors of all his many cousins in one form or another. Especially with how this guest list is turning out. Boy, will he have stories to tell after this!

5. One character who is super social/popular

We’ll need one, because I am definitely not it. Can’t say how popular he is (especially among the ladies) but Vash from Trigun is super social. An absolute butterfly. Loves people. I bet between him and Lopen, no one else in the room would need to say a word. Which will probably set Bakugo off, actually, who is also super loud and . . . lively. We’ll say lively. He’ll cause problems, but Vash will try to resolve it peaceably. He’ll try.

I’m still seeing explosions.

6. One villain

Seriously? Did I not just say explosions? Yai.

Ivy. Ivy the AI from Operation Grendel. That might be hard, since she doesn’t have an actual body, but, if you want a villain . . . she’ll schmooze you to the dark side all while making you think it’s the right decision.

What am I talking about? This is a terrible idea.

7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic

AHHHHHHHH!! Seriously, guys, I’m not a romantic, at lease I never thought I was, but I’m finding evidence against that all the time, but I’m still not a fan of romance? Should I make a conscious effort not to invite Howl and Sophie? I mean, Vash will probably try in his dorky manner to hit on Sophie (while Howl preens himself in the corner) and I don’t see her taking that well. She’ll probably cast (accidentally) an unfortunate spell on him and then go rail on Howl for being a selfish ninny.

Maybe I’ll go with- Nope, that won’t work out, either . . . Let’s go with Basil and Constance from Redwall. They might not exactly count as a couple, but they’re a pair all right!

8. One hero/heroine

Ooooooh . . . Amos, from Helena Sorensen’s Shiloh. Largely because he’s not a hero, per say. He’s not heroic throughout most of the book, but is redeemed by the end in an heroic act (if I’m remembering everything correctly).

I mean, there are other heroes already invited, so I feel like this is justified. Although he might struggle hard against Ivy. Might be able to commiserate with Errance, though, if we can get him to show up.

9. One underappreciated character

This would indicate that I am up on the fandoms. But, I mean, I feel Mrs. Hudson doesn’t get enough credit. She deals with a lot from Sherlock, and even John. She deserves a holiday, and probably a more sedate dinner party than this, but so long as she doesn’t have to cook or clean, that might be good enough to start. And she can chat with Nia and Constance over some tea later.

10. One character of your own choosing

So. Many. Choices.

But. Um. . . I’m actually thinking about inviting Frankenstein’s monster. Maybe it’s the season getting to me, but the poor guy needs friends. And I think his presence would level the playing field for the other guests. He might enjoy the conversation and, you know, not having people run away screaming.

And that’s my dinner party! I’m sure things are going to get real interesting real fast.?


If you were to host a literary dinner party, who would you invite?

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  1. Oh this was fabulously fun! Though… I’m afraid I didn’t know many of the characters. Nia, Errance, Howl, and Sophie are the only ones I am acquainted with… though I feel like I SHOULD know Constance and Basil… but goodness it’s been so many years since I read a Redwall book….

    Okay… Ima gonna hafta steal this prompt, because it’s super fun! πŸ™‚

    Your dinner party sounds… dangerous. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, super dangerous! And yes, steal away! I’d love to find out who you’d invite – and I totally feel you on unacquainted characters! There are far too many out there for everyone to know, and I didn’t want to keep promoting the same ones all the time. I felt that way reading through this year’s Silmaril Awards, being familiar with only a handful of winners and runners-up (The City Between just about swept the stage this year – and I’d never even heard of it until the awards!?) Totally approve of Westley, though. Totally.

      • Yes, I hadn’t read any of the City Between series until after they swept the Awards. They had been on my radar… in an, “I’ll read them eventually” sort of way. I had read a couple of Gingell’s other books, so I knew I liked her writing style.

        And I’m now on book 5. πŸ˜€

        Westley is awesome πŸ™‚ I’m glad he won. πŸ™‚

        • Book five already?! Wow, I am thoroughly impressed. I can’t say I’ve read anything that fast except manga . . . But I looked it up and it sounds SUPER FUN, so it’s definitely on my to-read list.

  2. Cook: Puny Bradshaw (Mitford, of course)

    Money bags: Miss Sadie (Mitford. I’m trying to be more interesting, but these women are fascinating and I really would love to meet Miss Sadie. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

    Likely to make a scene: Mrs. Bennett! Pride and Prejudice

    Super social: Scarlett! An adorable brat who definitely needs a spanking!

    Funny/amusing: Scare crow (Wizard of Oz)

    Villain: Jadis (Narnia)

    Hero: Samwise Gamgee, no explanation needed

    Couple: Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth. This one is probably the easiest for me. I came up with 2 other ‘couples’, but used the characters elsewhere.

    Under-appreciated: Matthew Cuthbert (Anne of Green Gables) a quiet, thoughtful, gentle, kind-hearted man.

    Wild card: Father Tim, of course.

    This whole exercise highlights my extreme inability to remember much of anything I read and leaves me in awe of your ability to remember so many characters and the books they come from!

    • Wow, these are great! I would definitely love to come to this dinner party (it’d probably be safer than mine?) And really, sometimes the only reason I can remember any characters from any stories is because I’m staring at my bookshelves while I write these. #readerconfessions

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