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The Adventure Continues!

Y’all, it’s been a crazy last few weeks, but I could not neglect to shout-out this new project by sci-fi fantasy author E.A. Hendryx! Last year I had the privilege of participating in the Kickstarter campaign for the first book in her Young Adult science fantasy trilogy, SUSPENDED IN THE STARS—and y’all, that book is amazing! Circuses in space, man hunts, blaster gun fights, snark, muffins, spunky robots. . . not to mention the 3-dimentional characters and gripping storytelling! I ate that book right up almost as soon as it came in the mail.

And now book 2 has, at long last, come to Kickstarter! Is this cover not absolutely striking??

This next installment of the Xerus Galaxy Saga is a gender-bent Aladdin with a touch of Doctor Who meets the Mandalorian! It follows characters Leef and Merritt as they embark on a wild adventure to the capitol planet of Cerlia in the Xerus Galaxy and ensues romance, betrayal, and life or death stakes as the galaxy descends into chaos at the hands of evil King Praxin. So if you like space operas, a little bit of fantasy with your science fiction, a complex cast of endearing characters, and no-spice romance, you’re going to love this next installment in the trilogy. I know I’m ready for it!

The campaign runs from April 5th-26th and, should it fund, will enable Emilie (the awesome author) to put out her book as an early release eBook, paperback, audiobook, and Kickstarter limited edition hardcover (with bonus content) all with fun swag before the book releases in the fall. Haven’t read the first book yet? Fear not! There are backing tiers that include both books, swag (the fun extras!), and more!

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E. A. Hendryx is an author, graphic designer, podcaster, and photographer living in Indiana with her husband, two dogs, and a cat named Pages. She writes fiction in multiple genres and spends more time on Instagram than she probably should. She grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek and Nancy Drew and believes that every idea is better in space. Connect with her online at:

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