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You may have heard yesterday that I had a short story published on Havok (I was a little obsessed about it . . .) Anyhoo, I wanted to give y’all an update about how it went and share some really amazing and encouraging things folks said about it.

Firstly, this is the publication I’d mentioned a couple of times over the last few months, having submitted the initial manuscript all the way back in November. I wanted to take part in this month’s theme because the prompt was ‘dynamic duos’, and that is one of my favorite tropes in the universe (I also thought it would look good in my repertoire, not gonna lie).

Titled Of Magic and Monsters, it’s a story of abyssal monsters, a magical book, and the indomitable bonds of friendship between the two MCs, Sebastian and Kurt, involving epic battle, irritated military leaders, and unusual circumstances.

Needless to say, I could hardly wait for yesterday to come so people could read it and tell me what they thought about these two kids and their world. And wow, folks! I don’t feel I deserve such praise!

Here’s a bit of what people said:

“I was enraptured the entire time…”

L. W.

“Nice premise, and the last line made me laugh.”

Z. A. H.

“I love this unique partnership. There’s so much potential for more!”

K. V.

I love these two, as well as this world you’ve created. Great story!”

H. M.

I am so encouraged by this, it just blows me away! I want to thank everyone who read the story and took the time to comment – you’re all awesome!

Several mentioned a longer story, how it had potential for more – and that’s exactly what I had intended. There’s so much I can do with these characters, and someday I fully intend on fleshing their story out into an entire novel, and I’m stoked that others have tasted it and wanted more. I can only thank God for giving me stories and the ability to write them and share them with others, to connect with people in that small way and serve them.

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