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Top 5 Books of the Past Year

Hey everyone, and happy New Year! It’s so exciting to get a fresh, new start isn’t it? The possibilities are endless. But before we go on about all the great things to look forward to (although I kind of already did in last week’s post) I wanted to take a look at some of my favorite books that I’ve read over the last year (in no particular order). Shall we?

A Green and Ancient Light ─ This was something a little different than what I typically read It’s a great story about a child who went to live at Grandma’s house for the summer. I enjoyed the characters, their quirks, the mystery, and adventure. It’s beautiful and fun and also a little sad ─ but when it comes to coming-of-age stories that’s really part of the territory. (Read my full review about it here.)

 Howl’s Moving Castle ─ A real treasure, this one. Don’t think you know the story if you’ve seen the movie, because they’re completely different. I’ve read this several times already and it never gets old, its charm and wit never fails to sweep me away. It’s an easy read, humorous, clever, and the best kind of romantic. I absolutely love it. (Like you need it, because I know you’re already convinced to read it, but you can find my full review here.)

The Children of Húrin ─ One of the first books I read last year, and my first dive back into Tolkein’s world after reading The Lord of the Rings several years ago. What. A. Story. ‘Heartbreaking’ would be a good word to describe it, as well as ‘fantastic’, and ‘bittersweet’. Túrin might have been doomed, but he strove to live well, had adventures, and impacted lives. (Read my full review on it here.)

The Iron Ring ─ A dive into Indian lore, this one follows the pattern of a lot of legends and tales from that culture. It’s a grand quest across the country and kingdoms for the sake of life, freedom, and honor, fighting battles, gaining friends, and finding love. This story is remarkably witty, often hilariously so, but also presents thought provoking ideas about the meaning of honor and compassion. (Find the full review here.)

The Name of the Wind ─ Wow. This really has to be right up top in the best books I’ve read, not only of the last year, but of the past couple of years. It belongs on the ‘super favorites’ list. The writing was superb, the pace of the narrative carrying you along until you’ve read eight chapters when you only intended on reading one. I can’t recall another book being so all-consuming, when reading it was nearly all I could think about. Rothfuss worked magic with this story, and it’s inspired, encouraged, and influenced me in my own writing. (Read my full review here).

What about you? What are some of the best books you’ve read over the past year? Goodreads has a great Reading Challenge that lets you set the number of books you want to read over the year and then tracks your progress with every ‘I’m finished!’ I think it’s a great tool and fun to look back over all the places you’ve been and people you’ve met.

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