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Genre Leap-Frog

Well, I suppose a more accurate title for this post would be The Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag, but that makes for a long title, and for some reason it makes me think of frogs and lilly pads, soooo. . .here we are.

This is a super fun blog tag that I learned of through a bookish blogging friend, and I can’t wait to share the fun with you! Maybe we’ll both learn something cool!

Les regles:

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you, and leave a link back to their blog
  • Leave a link back to the creator of the tag
  • Answer the questions honestly, and include at least one (1) gif of a pelican 
  • Tag 3+ friends to do the tag on their own blogs!

There’s only one rule that I’m not super sure about . . .

I definitley want to thank Jenelle Leanne Schmidt (author of THE ORB AND THE AIRSHIP) for bringing my attention to this tag and—by extension—Kenzie at FeatherWick Press, who made all this happen in the first place.

So without further adieu, let’s dive in!

What is your favorite genre of fiction to write?

Well, sure, let’s start with the easy, stupid obvious one: Epic Fantasy! I mean, oddly enough, I have yet to write a story with elves or dwarves and eldritch magic (is that embarrassing? That might be embarrassing—oh, wait! I think that one does have elves! Saaaved.) but from the start I have loved the freedom of building worlds and peoples and cultures from the ground up (but sometimes from the roof down, too).

What genre would you NEVER get caught writing? . . .EVER.

So far the only one I can think of here would have to be Erotica. It’s just . . . Not. Just not. Nor Horror. I have issues with both. Neither do I see myself writing things like Mystery, Thriller, Romance, or anything Contemporary like Amish fiction, but those are more of an ‘unlikely’ than an ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead’.

What fictional genre feels most like home to you?

Oh, Epic Fantasy, for sure. I may have started reading horse and fairy books, but it’s the epic quests with dangerous magic, big dragons, inexperienced heroes, and brotherhood bonds that always make me feel like I’ve come back to my roots.

If you could transform your real life into any genre of your choosing, which would it be?

Hrmm . . . Above answer said, I don’t think I could handle an Epic Fantasy real life! I don’t think I could go with Cozy anything, either, because those are usually murder or romance, and I know a few people who’d love my life to be the latter, BUT. I might be down for a Portal Fantasy—especially if that portal let me go in and out of my own volition! I mean, who hasn’t thought it’d be awesome to walk through a doorway, climb into a wardrobe, or slide down a rabbit hole into someplace Other?

(I might not recommend a cairn, however. Them being graves and all. But I guess if there’s a Celtic world on the other side, it might be worth it . . .)

What genre does your real life most resemble at the moment?

At the moment? Uhh . . . Maybe a Middle Grade fiction like BRIDGE TO TEREBITHIA. It’s regular life with ups and downs, but there’s always that possibility of something more. Of magic in the woods. Of life in imagination. Beauty in the mundane.

Something like that.

What’s a genre you’re interested in writing, even though you’ve never written it before?

This one shouldn’t be that hard, since my repertoire is pretty small, but a big one might actually be Fairytale Retellings, or something of that nature. It was never all that interesting to me for a long time (I mean, Cinderella retellings are about as redundant as Batman reboots) But I thought it might be fun to retell a couple lesser known stories from the ARABIAN NIGHTS, and maybe play with the concept of ‘the impossible task’ found in some fae-lore.

What genre is your most recent plot bunny, and where did it come from?

Plot bunnies! I have experienced this even though I literally just looked up the term ’cause I didn’t know what it meant! Yup. (I don’t get around a lot of social circles to learn these things, okay??) Most of the time I can corral these bunnies by writing them down (let’s hope it stays that effective forever), but the ones that keep popping up now and again are an Epic Fantasy (Mystery?) and an Urban Dystopia/Post Apocalyptic fiction—odd, I know, but you can thank Pinterest for that one. I even have a title for that one! (so maybe it won’t happen. I can come up with good titles for anything except what I intend to publish . . .)

More often than not, it seems, my plot bunnies are just characters, though. Characters that have no world/plot to belong to. Yet. They just exist. Like Pierre. And Ward, whom-I-can’t-remember-his-first-name-right-now. And that other guy. Ah, that other guy . . .

How many genres have you written thus far in your writing journey?

An embarrassingly small number! Lengthy only because they have registered as subgenres! I think this counts as all of them, but I can’t be absolutely sure!

  • Fantasy
    • Low/Soft
    • Contemporary
    • Portal
    • Military
    • Epic/High
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Some chimeric concoction of herbal fiction from the perspective of a leaf
It was in the rules . . .

And there we have it, folks! I had a lot of fun answering these—some of them really made me think!

What genres do you most like to write/read in?

Folks I’d like to tag for this would be:

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