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An Update and an Excerpt

Over these past couple of weeks I’ve been working on revisions and cover art for my new and rather spontaneous novella, The Forgotten Hero. I wanted to be ready for third-party edits by the end of the month, and I am stoked to announce that I have just about reached that goal! Clocking in at just shy of 20k, this’ll be my shortest, self contained story up to date (and while 20k may not sound uber short, I like to think of it as a step forward!)

Today I plan on running through the manuscript once more for a final check to make sure all the revisions I made fit smoothly into the narrative, but that’s not all! I plan on doing something that I’ve seen done once or twice before and thought to be an absolutely splendid idea: put a recipe in the back of the book!

Neat idea, right?

There’s this one section where the characters are sharing lunch, and I thought ‘wouldn’t it be fun to add the recipe for this in the back of the book?’ And since I love cooking and baking about as much as I love reading and writing, I decided it was a perfect fit. So, I’ll also be working on that this afternoon as well, and I’m honestly stupidly happy about it, too.

So, in the meantime, I want to share with you an excerpt from The Forgotten Hero and whet your appetite for this sweet and whimsical story!

“Before we get into the day’s business, my lady, I really do think you’ll want what I have for you,” he said.

Lady Everen sighed and placed a hand on her hip, but her display of exasperation didn’t hide completely her curiosity. “If you insist.”

Skeer’s smile was so broad that it crinkled the scar where it crossed his cheek. Barely able to contain his excitement, he pulled the paperweight from his pocket and presented it with a bow. “Firstly, for you, my lady.”

“Oh,” Lady Everen said, although it came out more like an enchanted gasp, and her eyes lit up. She reached out and accepted the glass encased flower from his hands with a kind of awe, and she stared at it for several moments as though she had completely forgotten what they were here in the records office for. But eventually she did lift her eyes back to Skeer and asked, “What is the other thing you had for me?”

“News!” he declared, throwing his arms in the air and nearly beside himself with glee. “I positively knew it was a good idea to go out fishing last night, because the sea dragon attacked us!”

I love Skeer’s enthusiasm, he’s such a chipper fellow. Once the story is released I might bring him in for a character interview; that would be a blast, I think!

All right, now I’m off – first the the kitchen and then back to the Writing Corner!

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