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A Peek into the ‘Other Life’

Hello, everyone! It’s only been about two weeks since my last post here, but it seems like forever ago! Time moves in mysterious ways. How has your August been, so far? Over here in our little corner of Arcadia it’s rained more days than not — quite a turnaround from last year, I’ll say! I’ve heard it said that the weather is bipolar, and in some respects I think I might have to agree. Nevertheless, though we had a late start on the planting season, things are coming along fairly plentiful. We’ve been drowning in green beans, cucumbers, and zucchini for some weeks — and now the peaches are ready!

With so much going on around here, I thought I’d share a bit of my off-writing life with you, so you know I’m not as one-dimensional as I’ve been making myself out to be. I do more than write!

So, for starters, I live on a wee farm, as many of you may already know and probably could have guessed. This season I learned how to use a pressure caner for the first time and have squirreled away a number of pints of green beans. I’d have done more, but ran out of wide mouth pint jars. Super bummer.

Yesterday I spent the evening hours canning peaches! I love canning things, and it is my firm belief that one of the world’s most beautiful sounds is the popping of a sealed jar.

Are they not gorgeous? I’ve got regular and spiced. Over the past few days of prepping food for processing I’ve acquired a nice pair of sliced thumbs. It is a most worthy sacrifice. Next on my list is spiced peach jam and bread and butter pickles. Mmmm . . .


One of our beloved peach trees.

As for today, it was time to pick more of those cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.

Cucumbers up the ying-yang. They’re good sliced with a sprinkle of sea salt. Or pickled. Pickled is good.
A basket full of produce. Much more and I’ll become a basket case.
In the process of cleaning more green beans. I think I’ll try roasting them for dinner tonight.

I also made a bundt cake out of one of our zucchini for dessert — can’t not look forward to that!

And there you have it, a glimpse of my ‘other life’, which, as it happens, can some days take up an entire day, whereby I miss writing entirely, but such is life, and I can’t say I don’t love it.

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