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The Sun is Shining! Plus an Announcement, and Other Stuff

Hey, all! How have you been spending your Saturday? It’s almost like a beehive over here on the farmstead, with the weather sunny and warm today. I went to work early this morning, and was busy baking for coffee shop customers until the moment I left. It was encouraging, because this last week has been pretty slow (largely due to foul weather, ‘cause who wants to be out in the wind, rain, and snow?).

At home, the farmers have been cleaning out barns and garages, hauling out old junk and older treasures, getting ready for some neat projects. These folks aren’t fooling around – the smashed concrete floor in the ‘other garage ‘, which may or may not become a future honey/sap house, speaks to that!

I’ve been keeping busy this afternoon by making a fresh batch of granola (we go through a ridiculous amount of granola around here, but it’s just so good with homemade yogurt!) I also started working on a loaf of French bread for dinner tomorrow. It’s my mom’s area of expertise, since she’s made it more often than I have, so I hope I don’t ruin it. (I’m not a superstitious person, but I’ve got my fingers crossed ?).

In other news, I’ve got another short story coming out in Havok next week Wednesday! This is the second of the two I had mentioned several weeks ago, and it goes along with their wacky/whimsical genre. This time Skeer Umpee is making a comeback since The Forgotten Hero came out last spring! This one is fun and silly, keeping with the theme of his original story, and I enjoyed working on this piece. I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Also, I have a wee announcement to make. After next week, I plan on posting up here every two weeks instead of every week like I’ve been doing. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, time is precious, and a commodity that everything in our lives demands without quarter. With the growing season coming upon us, I know from experience that working around the house and farm is going to occupy a lot of time, that’s just the way homesteading is, and it is fulfilling labor. Fresh produce and homemade food is worth the time and effort, in my humble opinion.

Add to this my new job, which also takes up chunks of days and energy. I don’t want this blog to become nothing more than a weekly diary of what I did over the past week, which is what I fear will happen if I remain strict to a once-a-week post. I’d like to provide a bit more diverse content that spans who I am as a writer and a human person. Secondly, posting only once a fortnight means I have that much more time and mental space to work on the actual writing of my stories. Which is definitely needed!

My hope is that this new schedule will bring about less stress, more productivity, and better content here on the blog-site.

So, what are you up to today?

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