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The Journey Taken

An Epic Fantasy Adventure with Ancient Magic, Deadly Dangers, and an Encounter with Destiny ─ Wherein a Mage Princess Allies with Fugitive Mercenaries to Foil an Impostor King from Destroying the Known World.

Hatred will seep through the cracks of all things to contaminate that which was once beautiful.

Jasinda, home to a multitude of peoples, seems doomed to suffer this unremitting blight of malice. An archaic destroyer of worlds has come, intent on decimation, ruin, and ultimate possession. But El’ohym has not abandoned his children. Warriors, great and powerful, have been chosen to fight for the world’s survival . . .  although they don’t realize it right away.

The road of the destined is harsh, dangerous and awash with troubles that each must face. Milestones will be marked in tearstains and blood, but even so, the hope of a brighter future and the responsibility to protect those whom they love drive them onward to a fight that only their faith and the strength of their bonds can truly prepare them for.


“From the time of picking up the book to the end, it was hard to put down.”


“. . . this is the absolute best independently published book I’ve ever come across. . . . I found myself completely immersed into this world.”


“After I started the book, I couldn’t put it down.”


  1. A Journey Begins
  2. The Northward Expedition
  3. Adventures in Isle
  4. The Memory Quest
  5. Aberrations of Heart
  6. The Clandestine Crusade
  7. An Odyssey’s End

Every journey begins with the first step . . . 


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