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Falconsbane Trilogy

WIP concept cover art style. What do you think?

Caution to the Sleepers, and woe to those they keep, for singing Death shall find you when come the shadows fell and bleak . . .

The small town of Elbyrk is known for its clever puzzle boxes and fireweed mead, but most of all for producing the finest warriors in the country. Roscha has been training to be one of these renown Falcons since he was a child, preparing for yet another, inevitable war with Phen’s adversaries. But haunted by a brutal accident from his past and struggling with his fear of repeating it, he believes his future holds no more promise than a vain death in one of the border skirmishes that perpetually plague his homeland.

However, things turn out quite differently when he’s pulled from an imminent deployment to the south and given a new assignment: protect Jōb ─ a powerful druyd and war hero ─ upon his quest. The task seems simple enough, but when Roscha meets the druyd face to face he learns all too soon that not all things are as the stories tell them, and before long their journey turns sour.

At first it’s only thugs in Garmuth-Tor and dragons in the wild lands of the Zuarian steppe, but then the Druhydren catch up to them, hunting Jōb ‘shead, and things only get worse from there. In dire battle Roscha is forced to realize the harsh truth of his shortcomings, and he’ll have to find reconciliation within himself if he’s ever to fulfill his assignment and keep Jōb from the hands of the enemy.

But by then it may already be too late. With foreigners harrying the country inside and out, Jōb seems to know far more about what’s going on ─ and is infuriatingly unwilling to provide any solid answers. Only this does he promise: by the end of things, Roscha won’t be the same as he was before, and without him, Phen cannot be saved.

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