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Updates, Reminders, and Until Next Times

Hello! I don’t know about where you are in the world, but over here in the Writing Corner and Beyond, we finally got some bona fide spring weather! I mean, it was practically balmy! It almost feels like Narnia, once the White Witch’s power begins to fade and the world comes alive again with sunshine and blooming things.

I was supposed to get this post out this morning, but I woke up to a text asking me in to work. Call me a pansy, but a seven hour baking shift on five hours of sleep is not my definition of a walk in the park, so by the time I got home I was whopped. And of course, instead of taking a nap (which is still an option, at this point . . .) I sat outside in the gorgeous weather picking dandelions.

Why, you ask? Well, to make jelly of course! I love the idea of floral jellies, and I missed my chance last year, while the flowers were fresh, so I picked and steeped some so I can make my dandelion jelly later. So excited about that!

Anyhoo, to give you a little update about how Wednesday’s Havok publication went: It went fairly well. I didn’t get as much feedback about this story as I’ve gotten from past ones, truth be told, but hey. Can’t win them all, right? It was still great to see Skeer out there in the world, and his story is now archived in Havok’s hoard of tales for members to peruse at their will. Their Bingeworthy season is just about over, and submissions for their next season (which are basically a collection of prompts that follow a similar theme) are already open. I can’t promise that I’ll try for this one, since I’m experiencing the syndrome of “if you have time to write, you should be working on Project X!” But we’ll see how it all unfolds, shall we?

In conclusion, I’d like to send a reminder that, starting this week, I’ll be cutting my Saturday posts to every two weeks instead of every week, due to the oncoming rush of the growing season and the never-ending race that it felt like last year. Skipping every other week will give me more time to focus on my home and writing projects and produce better content for your reading pleasure. The website and my Instagram will be updated a little bit within the next couple of weeks, as well, hopefully making some improvements to both.

And with that, I will sign out – until the next fortnight! Enjoy the spring warmth and sunshine while it’s here, and don’t forget to read good books!

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