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This Week in the Writing Corner . . .

Hello! How has the first week in June been for everyone? I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying these past couple days of warmth and sunshine!

Something really neat that happened the other day was the opportunity for me to meet face-to-face with a new reader! We got to talk for a bit about some of our favorite animes and the story that she’s working on ─ which sounds so cool, y’all. Happy belated Birthday, too! May your next year be filled with good stories.

Another interesting thing I came across was a book (*gasp* no way!). It’s The Geeky Chef Cookbook by Cassandra Reeder, and it’s loaded with recipes inspired by books, shows, and movies beloved by fans of fantasy and sci-fi everywhere. There are recipes in here from LOTR, Dr. Who, Legend of Zelda, Futurama, Star Wars, and a whole bucketload more, and I’ve been enjoying reading through it. This is the kind of stuff that’s been fascinating me since I realized I could combine more than one passion into a singular hobby. (Believe me, there will come a day when you find a Falconsbane cookbook up here. Mark my words). Reeder has a blog chocked full of even more great recipes, so go check it out!

Also, I finally started the third week of my Flash Fiction that Doesn’t SUCK class. The whole concept of fitting a complete story into a 500 word package is incredibly difficult, I tell you. Difficult!

That’s about all I have for this week ─ I’ve been so preoccupied with tasks around the farm, this writing class, beta reading, and a new culinary-related research project that I’ve not taken a decent chunk of time to work on Falconsbane or find something more interesting to post today. I apologize for that, and I thank you for bearing with me! Next week, Lord willing, I’ll post one of the flash fictions that I’m working on, and believe me when I say that you are not the only one looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

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  1. I’ll have to check out that cookbook on fantasy writing sometime. 🙂

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