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The Cluttered Desk

Hello, everyone! We’ve finally stepped into March and (no surprises here in Upstate NY) it still looks like January. And it probably will until April. But you know what? it is what it is, and it gives us more opportunity to read and write and bake and dream! Or is that just me?

Anywho, now that all the fun games and range of blog posts featuring the fantasy genre throughout the month of February have reached their conclusion (but you can still read through all the amazing content here on the host’s, Jenelle’s, blog and scroll through the #FantasyMonth tag on social media) it’s time to settle back into our regular routines . . . and maybe get back to work.

But before we get into that I wanted to do a little challenge, a silly something I thought would be fun to share: the Cluttered Desk. I’ve had a small writing desk for as long as I can remember; I did homework on it while in school, wrote letters to grandparents and pen pals, and have tried time and again to keep my laptop on it for novel writing, with varied success. (I do most of my writing on the floor next to my lifesaving stove heater, where I have ample room for notebooks and teacups). My desk has now become a glorified nightstand and project center, so here is what it looks like and 12 things to be found on it:

  1. A folder of concept art for Falconsbane, a portion of which has changed over the last year
  2. A stack of notepaper, actually, but the top sheet is covered in sketches of eyes. Why? On the rare occasions that I draw I always have trouble with my eyes looking lifeless, so I looked at some reference pictures and practiced. Now they’re always watching . . .
  3. A pile of papers from my writers group that I really need to figure out what to do with. I think there’s a first draft of the first four chapters of Falconsbane in there, too, somewhere.
  4. My notes for the homework from my writers group; a long-ish list of brainstorming.
  5. My sorely underused journal.
  6. The most recent book I’ve been reading. It’s the second in a trilogy. Oh, yeah, and my new (first) phone. And yes, that is a sticker of Toothless, in case you were wondering.
  7. An alarm clock, but it is obviously no longer an alarm clock. The poor thing turned into a craft project, and now when the light shines through the back you can see the silhouette of a flying dragon. Because why not?
  8. A collection of necklaces (and a bracelet) I’ve got listed for sale.
  9. An old candle jar with 3+ year old hard candy in it. I’m not much of a candy eater. Unless it’s chocolate, of course. That stuff is never safe around me.
  10. An old biscuit tin (I believe) with a bunch of feathers I’ve collected on various adventures over the years. Some of them I turned into pens, but they don’t really work anymore.
  11. This is Wilson.
  12. The teacup is basically a catch-all tray. But I guess it doesn’t really catch all, seeing as there’s a pile of foreign coins and a USB sitting next to it. Yup.

Now, that doesn’t cover everything that’s on my desk, and I have to commend that small space for holding so much. Next to my dresser it’s the oldest piece of furniture I have, and has been with me through everything, keeping pens, nick-knacks, and chocolate bars organized for years.

So, what does your desk look like? Neat and tidy, or like a tornado blew through (like mine)? What sort of history do you have with your desk? Is it new or has it been around a while? What memories does it carry in its drawers?

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  1. Deborah Stoep Deborah Stoep

    My desk is cluttered, as are my shelves. Every object means something to me—from the past, what I am thinking about or working on now, and what I want to read or do in the future. People would be surprised, perhaps, by some the reminders they are to me. Some things I just enjoy, and we must have some things in common. For example, I have a container of foreign coins, I keep a jar of peacock feathers (and I have a turtle shell and bird skull), and I have wooden drawing figures. I should name them.

    • reynwood reynwood

      Wow, really? That’s so cool!

  2. You mentioned sketching and concept art. Have you ever tried sketching your characters? I always associate my OCs with anime styled artwork, lol. I recently downloaded a program called Clip Studio Paint—it’s supposed to be better than GIMP.

    • reynwood reynwood

      I have, on occasion, sketched out some of my characters, but I can’t say my skill level is too great. I just stick with a pencil and paper, though, everything else is too fancy for me!

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