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Summertime Adventures

Summer has finally come around, and with hardly a drop of rain all week, and warm, sunny days, the projects around the farm are in full force. I’ve made more jam and jelly than I ever have at this time of year, what with our own bumper crop of strawberries – I didn’t have to hold back! (Except for the fact that I’m sorely low on jam jars, since I sold most of them last year full of jam . . . Probably not the smartest move).

In any event, we’ve been weeding and mulching and mowing and baling, I discovered this stuff called ‘strawberry butter’, which actually turns yogurt purple. Go figure. We had a successful first week at our local farmer’s market, and are brainstorming ideas to make it an overall better business venture. Today I dug up a plot of land by the chicken pen for my goji bushes, which I rooted from cuttings of my original plant. That took forEVER, but they’re all planted and mulched, and now I just have to remember to keep them uber well watered until they get a feel for the new environment and hopefully don’t croak. That would be sad.

On top of these, I’ve been trying to keep up with a beta reading project I took on a few months ago, now, and that’s been the majority of my reading as of late. Unless you want to count audio books, which I’ve discovered are a great companion when standing in the kitchen for hours hulling strawberries. I’ve been listening to the Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore and am very much enjoying it. I’m also (STILL) working on finishing my flash fictions, and as of this very moment have three more to type up and edit. Not exactly where I wanted to be at this point in time, but c’est la vie.

All of this is pretty much to say that I’ve been so occupied that I totally forgot about a blog post for this week until I sat down tonight and remembered that it was Saturday. It’s kind of embarrassing! In any event, the above is almost everything that’s been going on in the last . . . two? weeks (time is relative, they say, and a slippery thing that’s sometimes hard to keep track of).

Until next week, then! Enjoy the season while it’s here.

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