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Success in Wreaking Havok! And Other Stuff!

Hey, all! You may have heard about it yesterday (and I hope you did!), that I had a short story published in Havok’s online magazine. I got some great feedback from it, so thank you to everyone who took the time to post a comment – you made my day! It is always encouraging to hear from my readers, and it was even more awesome to hear from those who remember Kurt and Sebastian from all the way back in January. Wow! 🤩 I gotta say, that feels special. It makes me even more excited for the next opportunity to work with these characters.

Thank you!!

In other news, work has been going well, thank the Lord, with all the craziness going on. Writing, however, has not. I only have myself to blame for it, though. I’m letting pretty much everything distract me from making that quiet time to push forward.

In regards to the land Beyond the Writing Corner, things are finally happening! The slow days on the farm are drawing to a close, with seeds sprouting in the greenhouse and a load of spring babies in the barnyard. We’ve been getting calves for the past month or so, and though we’ve had a rough start (through which we lost a calf, and then lost a cow), things are going better. We’ve got a slew of new mammas this year, and little Maisey’s a grandma! I guess she’s not so ‘little’ anymore, huh? That wee grandcalf is an adorable little nugget, let me tell you.

Spring is always such an exciting time, when the world starts waking up from its winter nap. These sunshiny days are a joy, and this weekend in particular, because we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior! I know it’s a bummer that we can’t all get together for the occasion, but we can be together in spirit.

How are you planning to celebrate Easter/Resurrection Day this year? What family traditions do you have for this holiday? I’m making hot cross buns for dinner, which is a favorite in our house.

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