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Setback, Step Forward

Over this last spring and summer I’ve been going to the local farmers market with my miniature small business, NovelTea Kitchen, to sell baked yums, jams, and tea jellies. We’ve been blessed to have so many Thursdays with beautiful weather, but it is autumn now, and October in Upstate is hit and miss. Last week the weather was cranky and just generally miserable with wind and rain and coldness.

The market was cancelled. Thankfully, I hadn’t baked any cookies yet, so I could save the dough in the freezer for next week. Now I just have pies and cinnamon rolls that need taking care of . . .

In any event, I suddenly found a whole day on my hands, a not-entirely-unexpected gift of a free afternoon with no plans. So, I thought, it was the perfect opportunity to open that Falconsbane document and get to work! Looking at the last save date on it, over two months have passed since I last opened the poor thing. Yikes!

I’d like to say that I dove right in and had a day like a thoroughbred right out of the gate . . . but it was more like a 28 year old gelding hauling a cart of rocks up a steep incline. Nevertheless, progress is being made! Finally! The past two days have been awesome, even if the writing isn’t easy, because I’m still writing , and it’s like rediscovering a part of me that’s been shoved in the back corner for a long time. I’m feeling rusty, but the exercise is good for working out the kinks.

The good news is, the market will be over next week, Lord willing the weather is nice, and then I’ll be able to redirect all the time and brainpower consumed with that back to writing on a (hopefully) more consistent schedule. And just in time for NaNoWriMo! That’s sure to be an adventure, and I can hardly wait to see how it all unfolds.

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