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Purgatory Has Ended – Volume 7 Is Released!

Good morning, readers! Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for over the last few months with much anticipation, and I am so very excited to announce that the waiting has ended! The day is come! An Odyssey’s End, the seventh and final chapter in this saga, is released to the world and ready to satisfy that burning desire to know what happens next, how it all ends, or if it ends . . .

So! Without further adieu, I’ll write up a list of links to all the places you can find and purchase a copy of this beauty for your very own.

  — Personally my favorite place

   —  The ULTIMATE mercantile

  —  For all your ebook needs

  —  The one-stop shop for all the info on this title and virtually millions more

You are also extremely welcome (and in my deepest gratitude) to write a review on An Oddyssey’s End here on Amazon. Reviews help boost a book’s visibility as well as let other readers know what you thought, aiding them in the decision of whether or not to give it a shot.

Also, join in the fun and test your luck by enter the Goodreads giveaway, vying for a chance to win a free copy! Giveaways are a blast, both entering one and hosting one (I absolutely LOVE sending out packages), so give it a go! Each copy is signed and accompanied by a super cool series bookmark. Later this month we’ll run an ebook giveaway over on Amazon for the Kindle version, too, so everyone can have a piece of the action.

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve come along with me on this journey — it’s been a ride! I don’t know yet what the future holds after this project, but I can certainly say that it isn’t the end of stories — far from. Far, far from. But until we find out, enjoy this book and this summer (hopefully together!)

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