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Perks of Nerd-dom

Hey, everybody! Work on vol. 6 is coming along swimmingly, but I wanted to drop in and share with you about this cool stuff I got in the mail yesterday!

Throughout the books there’s mentioned various constellations, and in vol. 2, The Northward Expedition, a very enthusiastic librarian in Marblheim explains to Thock and Fwip the Greater Stars constellation, or the Sky Prophecy. Earlier this summer I spent some time drawing up symbols to represent those Greater Stars (learning a lot about Photoshop in the process ─ double score!).

Just this month I was given the opportunity to turn those images into my very own memory game! And as providence would have it, I had exactly enough images to fill all twelve spaces (meant to be or what?)!

Check it:




I thought it was really neat to be able to put my own art into a form like this, to draw and design something beyond pencil sketches – I’m not used to it and it’s awesome!

Now that I have this new game within my grasp, I need to wrangle people into playing it with me. Fortunately (for me) we have family coming over this afternoon (unbeknownst to them, they walk into a trap – mwahahahaha!!)

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  1. Leaidan Leaidan

    How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

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