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Operation NaNo

Hey, all! October came and went like dew on an August sunflower – brief and beautiful. It’s been a breathtaking autumn so far, but man alive did it fly by faster than a hyperactive hummingbird.

And you know what that means? NaNo! Or, more specifically, NaNoWriMo. Or, even more specifically, National Novel Writing Month– November’s challenge for aspiring and seasoned writers everywhere. I’ve taken part in this event for the past few years now, and as it happens, I’ve been working on the same project for every single one of them. ? If nothing else, it’s a great tracker for how long it’s taking me to finish this story. Someday, though, I would like to start a fresh one, and actually finish it in the thirty days. THAT might actually be worth a T-shirt.

Anyhoo, despite how frazzled I’ve been all summer, with exactly a pea’s worth of ‘prep’ done, I’ve decided I still want to accept the challenge this year. Now that the farmers market is officially over *cue the confetti*, I have hours in a day that I can put toward something other than pie crust and cookie dough. Although, if I’m being honest with myself, I can’t bite off a 50k word goal.

Firstly, that’s just not where I am right now. I need as many words taken out as added, juggling scenes and nitpicking details, researching things I didn’t take the time to do earlier. The editing stage is a messy and convoluted piece of business that I quite obviously haven’t mastered yet.

Secondly, in tandem with my renewed efforts at making Falconsbane presentable, I plan on drafting a handful of flash fiction stories to submit to Havok, an online e-zine that publishes bite-sized stories nearly every day. It’ll be a good way to stretch some unused muscles and hone a skill I have a lot of trouble with. Brevity is not in my toolbox.?

So that, friends, is my goal for NaNo this year. Dive back into novel edits, and draft some flash fiction, hopefully coming up with some gems to add to the hoard on Havok’s website.

What are your plans for November?

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