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Happy November! This month promises to be a pretty big one over here in the Writing Corner, but before we get into all that, let’s look at a pair of literary holidays that share this date of November 1:

  • Author Day ─ We all have our go-to authors for great stories, and this is a day to honor our favorites everywhere. (I’m looking at you, Turner, Tolkein, Batson, and Lawhead. And a bunch of others; so many great ones . . .)
  • National Family Literacy Day ─ An holiday all about encouraging families to read together. Talk with your wee ones about their favorite stories, introduce them to some of your own ─ you never know what you might learn about each other through the stories that speak to us.

These are two very neat holidays, but I believe what November and its first day are known best for within the literary community is the kickoff of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. This epic event has been running for the past 18 years (this year will be its 19th), and the goal for participants is to write a 50,000 word novel between Nov.1 and 23:59 on Nov.30.

The event provides a ‘fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing’, ‘valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline’. This is something for anyone who ever entertained the idea of writing a novel. Participants have access to numerous pep talks, prep advice, and resources to help get their story started and keep running once it has. There are hundreds of forums for writers to interact and help each other with a wide range of story related issues, from world building and character development to discussing the problems with fedoras.

Participants can also earn badges in three categories: Participation, Personal Achievement, and Writing. You can also track your word count on the site to see how you and your fellow challengees are doing, allowing you to see your progress as they days go by.

For more info, check out this link.

I’ve a friend who’s been a part of NaNoWriMo for some years now who has suggested to me to join in, and now that TJT is finished I though it a prime opportunity to try something new. So I joined NaNo and have spent the past couple of months preparing a new story. (I’m what they call a Planner. There are also Pantsers and Plantsers).

And since today is the kickoff for the event, I’m going to share with you the name of this new project (so exciting!) and a little bit about it (can hardly wait!)

Ahem. The current name of this project is The Druyds of Phen. The name may change between now and publication, but so far this is my favorite of all the others I’ve come up with to date.

The Druyds of Phen is a fantasy adventure story set in the country of Phen, where there are those born with special abilities known as bunes. These people are called Druyds, and for generations their existence has been both highly coveted and severely reviled among the surrounding nations. The story follows a young soldier named Roscha, who would like to be just about anything else in the world except a soldier. He is sent to accompany a particularly powerful Druyd on his quest to Ashelon in the north.

It was supposed to be secret. It was supposed to be safe.

But the Druyd Hunters, thought to have vanished years ago, are resurfacing. And they’re after the Druyd Roscha is supposed to protect.

Pursued by hunters and harried by doubts, Roscha will have to overcome his greatest fears if he wants to prove himself and save not only his charge, but the very future of his people. If he fails, the Druyd won’t be the only one to suffer.

Phen will lose its freedom, and the enemy nations will tear it apart and swallow it until there is nothing left.

I am stoked to be working on this story (which has been simmering in my mind for a good while now) and thrilled by the enthusiasm of my readers who are wanting more ─ it’s an encouragement of mammoth proportions!

I’m ready to don my writing helmet, grab my hammer, and forge a new story. You’re welcome to come along and watch the sparks fly!

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