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In Which is an Exciting Piece of News

Hey, all! How’s your Fantasy Month going so far? And by the way, how did your Valentine’s Day go yesterday? I completely forgot about it!

Today’s post is brief, and largely because I didn’t do any legwork ahead of time in preparation for what has befallen this underprepared individual. My original plan was to spend this morning exploring the worlds of some of the lesser conventional fantasies that I’ve come to love, but then something wonderful happened the other night that Changed My Plans.

You recall back in January when I had that short story published in Havok? (Recap post here). Well, a few weeks ago I went and submitted two more stories for the heck of it, not really anticipating much to come of them.

Boy was I wrong, because I heard back from the editors the other night and they accepted both.

BOTH of them.

Crazy, no? I was floored.

The stories were a little on the rougher side, largely because I’m still learning how to write flash fiction, so my manuscripts came back colorful with notes (literally, red, blue, tan, purple – I didn’t know editing came in so many colors!)

And I only have this next week to work on them, which also happens to be one of the busiest weeks I’ve had all year! So, rather than talk about stories today, I’m going to bid you a grateful farewell and actually work on stories! By next week I should have some updates for you on all of this, as well, so keep your ears open!

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