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Summer is great. The days are warm and sunny, the world is green, the flowers are all colors of the rainbow, gardens flourish . . . and there is never an end of all the things that need doing.

This summer feels by far the most full for me, with hardly a day going by that there isn’t a list of tasks and projects to cross off. After drowning in a bumper crop of strawberries, we barely had time to breathe before the torrent of raspberries threatened to pull us under, and now it’s coming time for zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Oh, my!

(See what I did there? Ha . . . bad jokes).

I made some squash chips in the dehydrator earlier this week, and they’re actually pretty good. I’ve also made a first batch of pickles, and the tomatoes are waiting to be canned. On top of all this is the farmers market every week! I’ve been bringing my tea jelly concoctions as well as an ever-increasing volume of baked goods to sell. It takes me all of Wednesday and then Thursday morning just to make it all, and I’m beginning to think I’ll soon need part of Tuesday, too! What exhausting and fulfilling work it is to make things that people enjoy, and I’m always trying to improve my methods and madness- I mean skills and recipes.

Which basically makes baking like writing, doesn’t it? But that, unfortunately, is NOT something I’ve been doing a lot of this summer. I knew it was going to happen, but not to this degree. Over the entire month of July, I managed a total of two days and just over 7k words. I’m not too pleased about that, but I am pleased about the plot hurtles that were tackled. The rest doesn’t feel so daunting anymore – I just need to hash out a schedule and actually do it. I think I need a daily planner. I never thought I’d say that, but I think it’s becoming more and more true . . .

There’s one last thing I wanted to let you in on, something I’ve been putting off for way too long to the point where it’s just plain embarrassing: I’m working on my driver’s license. It seems I’m one of those rare creatures who does not enjoy driving, and I have never been particularly motivated to pursue it. Well, things are coming down to the wire, and since I don’t really feel like renewing my permit a second time, it’s time to bite the bullet and get’er done.

So far it’s going fine, but I still don’t enjoy it. Alas, life is not all about what we enjoy. Growth isn’t always fun and is quite often painful, but in the end we’re better off for it. I just have to keep it in perspective and not let it have more power over my mood and attitude than it ought. It’s a good thing. Another skill under my belt that will make me more helpful to the people around me. An opportunity to practice freedom and independence. Gotta think positive, right?

Whatever challenge you’re facing, big or small, there’s a light at the end, one that’ll be even brighter and sweeter because of the struggle to reach it. We must press on!

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